We do more than just payroll. We help you manage the entire employee life cycle with the following:


Enjoy a simplified and accurate payroll process.

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Human Resource Management

Ensure workplace compliance and streamlined employee management.

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Time and Labor

Access employee-ready time management solutions, from punching-in to paid-time-off.

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Benefits Administration

Quickly establish, organize, change, and manage numerous benefit profiles, plans, and types.

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Applicant Tracking

Source, follow, and assess potential talent for your business.

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Produce optimum schedules according to the unique requirements of your organization.

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Leave Management

Ensure your company’s employee leave policies are implemented accurately and consistently throughout the organization.

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401K for Small Business

iComp Payroll has partnered with Human Interest, a 401(k) provider for small- and medium-sized businesses, to add an affordable retirement service to your benefits offering.

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manage the Entire employee live cycle with one solution

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Payroll and HR Services for Small Business

iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services in Minneapolis, MN, is your source for comprehensive accounting and payroll services for small business. Our range of services covers many HR and payroll needs, including time and labor management, benefits administration, scheduling, timekeeping, leave management, applicant tracking, and HR management. You can count on us among local payroll companies to deliver the proactive and personalized payroll service for small business you need.

HR and Payroll Services

As a leader among full service payroll providers, we offer human resource information systems (HRIS Systems), along with an array of payroll services that give you the flexibility and management capabilities you need. Our suite of services gives you all the solutions you need under one roof – something you may not find with all payroll management companies.

If you are searching for reliable payroll processing companies near Minneapolis, MN, look no further than our team at iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services.

For more information about the HR and payroll services we offer in Minneapolis, MN, call us today at 651.259.4260 or complete our contact form to request a free consultation or product demonstration.

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