What to Expect When You Switch Payroll Services

What to Expect When You Switch Payroll Services

Hiring payroll services for your small business in Minneapolis, MN helps you focus on your business. If you have already decided to do this, then you have made a wise choice.

Be that as it may, there comes a time when you might want to change things up. In particular, you may, for whatever reason, decide to switch payroll services. Whether you are dissatisfied or wish to explore options, changing payroll service providers can be a bit of a hassle. And if you wish to make the transition more smooth, you need to be aware of what to expect.

Changing payroll services in Minneapolis, MN is possible year-round. For the best results, you need to get the timing right and prepare before you change providers. Read on to learn more about what to expect when you switch payroll service providers.

Switching Payroll Providers? Expect the Following

Switching from one payroll service to another for your small business is not the same as switching shoes. There is a process to consider. And with the process comes a transition period. Here are some of the most common things to expect during the transition period.

Shopping Around for the Right Payroll Services in Minneapolis, MN

In Minneapolis, there are hundreds of human resource solution companies offering payroll services. Not all of these payroll services are the same.

Some payroll services cater to large companies in the city. Others (like us) cater to start-ups and small businesses in Minnesota. Also, some companies are open to taking you on only at the start of the calendar year or beginning of a new quarter. Payroll services like ours can take on your payroll changes at any time.

In short, the differences between payroll services abound. For this reason, shopping around for the right payroll service can be a nightmare.

Transitioning Can Take a While Due to Documents

Part of what makes transitioning between payroll services long are the documents required. On top of ensuring proper compensation for your employees, payroll also involves contributions and tax deductions. Whoever you choose as a service provider will require payroll-related documents.

These documents include:

  • Your business information
  • Your list of employees
  • Quarterly and annual tax reports
  • W4 forms for each employee
  • Insurance for each employee if applicable
  • Employee master record information

This list can comprise just the tip of the iceberg. A payroll service will need these documents to manage your business’s payroll accurately and legally. After all, no legitimate business owner would settle on simply paying workers at the expense of following tax laws and mandatory contributions.

Providing Due Notice to Not One but Two Payroll Service Providers

As mentioned earlier, rarely is an abrupt change of payroll services possible. Doing so will require a handoff of some sort. Because of the documents and accounts involved, you will have to give your current payroll service provider a heads up about when you plan on terminating their services.

Besides this, you will also need to inform your new one ahead of time about when you want to begin. As you hand in your payroll documents, your new service provider will be able to prepare appropriately with due notice.

When to Take the Next Step When Switching Payroll Services

Changing from one payroll service to another may have its share of hassles, but it need not be complex. When searching for a new payroll service provider make sure they will make the process as easy for you as possible.

Indeed, many of these service providers will facilitate the processing of taxes and contributions. However, some providers will put the burden of converting the rest of the data on you rather than taking on the process themselves.

Changing Providers at the End of the Calendar Year

To be clear, there is no problem with switching providers at any time during the year. Once again, many payroll services in Minneapolis, MN will be happy to accommodate you. It’s true that some dates simplify the process for payroll companies, like the beginning of a new year or the end of a quarter. Why? Because when you switch payroll providers, your new payroll service will have to input all of your year-to-date information.

Making the transition at the end of the year allows your payroll to take effect immediately the following year. This ensures the seamless operation of your payroll. Also, transitioning at the end of the year removes the complications of filing quarterly tax returns.

In short, changing providers at the end of the year allows you to start the next year with a clean slate. However, since your new provider should be providing most of the transition work for you, the best time to switch is when you are ready, at any point during the year.

Clarify What You Want Your New Service Provider to Handle

It is best for both parties to be clear about responsibilities. When you switch payroll providers or ask about services, ask about what your provider is willing to take on.

Payroll service providers often handle the basics like payroll, mandatory contributions, and withholding taxes. Some will add other services like:

  • Filing
  • Mobile app accounts for your employees
  • Regular updates on taxes, contributions, and remuneration
  • Basic employee onboarding
  • Human resource services
  • Cloud storage of data

Provide Everything Your New Payroll Service Requests

Payroll services will require documents and information for them to begin serving you. When it comes to information, you will need to give at least the following:

  • The legal name of your business
  • Contact details
  • Federal and state Employer identification numbers (EINs)
  • Employee information

As for forms, provide the following:

  • W4 forms
  • Direct deposit authorization forms
  • Past payroll tax returns of your business
  • A voided check
  • Payroll journal (for employees or independent contractors you have hired in the last year or quarter)

Provide all of the above, and your new payroll service can operate to your expectations, if not better.

No Payroll Service Switch is Easy—Except When You Do it with Us!

Changing your payroll service provider can be a time-consuming process that can go wrong easily. The transition requires choosing the right provider and the unenviable task of gathering documents. As a business owner, you need a payroll service provider that can facilitate each step.

If you are looking for such a provider, look no further! We at ICOMP offer payroll services that go beyond just wiring money to your employees. We take care of the other processes like withholding tax deductions, filing payroll tax returns, submitting retirement plan contributions and much more.

Our tried-and-tested process ensures that you can focus on what truly matters—your business. Call us now for a free demo!

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