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Employee Benefits Administration

The employee benefits administration process can be a time-consuming and complex process, from the time of open enrollment and beyond. Our HR solution includes benefits administration features that allow you to easily and quickly setup, arrange, manage, and adjust various benefit types, plans, and profiles. This includes access on-demand to benefit eligibility, costs, and enrollment status among your employee base. If you need help with benefits administration, we offer a powerful solution in Minneapolis, MN that has your organization’s need covered.

Customizable Benefits Administration

It is easy to adjust the standard benefits reports to match the specific requirements of your organization. Employees can take advantage of customizable self-service features to choose plans and make modifications without outside help. This helps lessen administrative requirements and boosts engagement.

Key Advantages of Our Benefits Enrollment and Management Solution

Our benefits administration service solution offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance through an automated rules-based platform.
  • Give employees self-service options that helps them move through the enrollment process more easily.
  • Get a greater understanding of employee benefit plans.
  • Make the benefits process more streamlined for all benefit plans.
  • Produce reports easily for a more efficient benefits management process.

With the range of benefits available through our benefits administration solution, you can improve efficiency, increase engagement, and manage your entire employee benefits process with greater ease.

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