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In the restaurant and hospitality industry, the tasks of managing pay stub compliance, overtime, meal credits, taxes, and other everyday operations can be time consuming and overwhelming. If this describes what you routinely face in your business, you need payroll services and an HR solution that significantly improves your efficiency and productivity. At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services, we offer a restaurant and hospitality business solution for your workforce that includes all features of managing payroll into a single platform.

Payroll Services and Human Resource Management

The software we offer includes features that efficiently handle restaurant and hospitality service payroll with streamlined reporting. Our software solution helps you keep your business productive and your bottom line growing. We offer a fully integrated solution that addresses the various components of hospitality payroll and HR.

You can automate and simplify your payroll process, reduce your workload, and equip your team to accomplish the same or more in less time. Manage scheduling requests, staffing demands, regulatory compliance, and more in a single platform.

Retain your talented employees and reduce your costs by making your recruiting and onboarding activities more efficient through our easy-to-use human capital management system.

At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services, we are committed to helping you streamline all the elements of your restaurant or hospitality management responsibilities.

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