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Human Resources Management Planning Software For Small And Midsized Business

At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services in Minneapolis, MN, we offer a human resources management planning software for small business solution that helps you find and retain top talent, develop your workforce, and manage the service-life of your employees, from pre-hire to retirement. Our HR module is part of a comprehensive cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution suite that automates vital HR activities (i.e., employee onboarding and benefits management) while also supplying a secure database in one location that holds and keeps track of employee data.

Comprehensive HR Software for Small Business

Our HR management software helps you to reduce the risk of non-compliance, automate workflows, access employee information in real-time, reduce administrative burden, and receive configurable reports and forms.

In addition, our software acts as a Human Resources Information Management System that provides other optional modules from performance management, applicant/recruitment tracking, and compensation planning for a complete, and totally integrated solution. These human capital management system modules help you focus on your workers rather than administrative processes and paperwork.

Human Resource Management Module Key Features and Benefits

Our HR module helps you focus on what matters the most – your people – instead of processes and paperwork. It does this through the following features and benefits.

  • Hire the talent that fits your organization the best with an optional talent acquisition solution that gives your applicants a positive recruiting experience. Our solution also makes the process of discovering, monitoring, and judging the best candidates easier.
  • Experience more efficient HR processes through a paperless system that removes manual tasks subject to error and duplicate data entries, allowing you to concentrate on people.
  • Promote employee engagement through human capital management solutions that help you grow, compensate, and sustain a highly productive team.
  • Enhance HR decision making through human capital management system that offers access to real-time, consistent, and accurate employee information.
  • Streamline the benefits management process for numerous plan types through the use of self-service tools and immediate access to eligibility, enrollment status, and expenses among your base of employees.
  • Give managers and employees greater freedom to access and update information on their own as needed.

We are your trusted provider of human resources information systems (HRIS), including payroll, HR and employee onboarding software for small business.

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For more information about the Human Resource Management Information System and Employee Onboarding Software we offer in Minneapolis, MN, give us a call today at 651.259.4260 or use our contact form to setup a free consultation or product demonstration.

FAQs HR Management

What does an HRIS system do?

Our HRIS (human resource information system) is designed to automate and streamline your Human Resource services. This includes monitoring compliance, workflow automation, real-time access to HR information, reporting, form generation, and the ability to add modules to meet the needs of your business.

How much does outsourcing HR cost?

IComp Payroll & Human Resource Services provides a fully customized approach to HR management through our software. Contact our team at 651.259.4260 or through our online contact form for a customized quote.

Why should I use an HRIS?

HR management is a complex part of any small business. Using a single software solution eliminates duplication of data entry, reduces mistakes and omissions, and provides a complete picture of all aspects of HR in one central dashboard. Using our HRIS also reduces time spent on HR tasks and allows employees secure online access to their personal information.

What are the features of HRIS software?

The HRIS software is designed to include the features required by any small business. This includes talent acquisition, candidate ranking, automation of services, talent management, real-time employee information, and self-service tools customized to the needs of your workplace.

Do I need any special knowledge or training to use iComp HR software?

No, one of the benefits of choosing iComp HR software is our live training for your team. We take the time to answer questions and allow your team to practice using our intuitive software under our guidance. In addition, we are available to answer your questions through our live customer support services.

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