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Nonprofit and social service organizations can find it challenging to manage various taxation, fund accounting, and reporting requirements. To handle these issues more efficiently, you need HR and payroll services and software designed to help you streamline your paper-based, manual processes, and focus on your core mission. At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services, we offer a powerful software solution to help you manage and coordinate the various stages of the nonprofit or social services’ employee life cycle, in addition to payroll and compliance responsibilities.

Our Payroll & HR Software Solution

Our HR software for nonprofits is designed to track and handle labor management and multiple employee types, and also lessen the possibility of non-compliance. This software platform eliminates the time-consuming nature of a manual process. Our human capital management system covers the entire work span of your employee. From hiring, to onboarding, to training, to continuing education, to retirement.

We provide reporting and analytics capabilities that allow you to view the key metrics of your nonprofit, eliminating the guesswork from the process. Our payroll and HR software also frees you from having to spend much of the day fixing payroll errors, correcting timesheets, and performing fund accounting tasks.

As a leader among HR and payroll processing companies near Minneapolis, MN, we have the solution you need when it comes to managing the payroll and HR responsibilities of your nonprofit or social services organization.

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