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What They Are Saying

We switched to IComp from one of the large national payroll companies. Not only do we get more functionality for less price, their responsive customer service is outstanding. They have improved our efficiency and helped us to implement best practices throughout our processes. We are very pleased and would recommend IComp to anyone that wants great customer service!

Jay T.

We truly feel like we have a personal relationship with ICOMP as they consistently work with us to tailor changes to meet our unique and changing needs. The responsiveness, accessibility, and support you get when working with ICOMP is unmatched. We are beyond satisfied.

Jacob J.

Our company moved our payroll services to Rob Scalia at iComp in 2013 and we still can't believe how fortunate we were to find them . . . our admiration is immense. Rob helped our small company understand tax laws better and showed us that with our previous payroll companies we had grossly overpaid taxes. With his guidance, we were reimbursed for the overpayment and will never have to worry about it again. Their website is very user friendly and they continue to help us every step of the way!

Mike O.

Always going the extra mile is the norm for Integrated Comp. The conversion began with dedication and they exhibited a positive spirit making it obvious they want to please customers. As I learned their easy to use products they never ceased to amaze me in their extremely rapid response time and step by step instructions. Months later they are consistent in their actions. This company is one of a kind, unlike others in so many ways.

Jeanette D.

Thank you for everything you have done for us. One of the best moves we ever made was bringing you. team into our lives.

Mike O.

Customer service is to notch. Super impressed by the ability to solve any issues that come up in a very quick and succinct manner.

Todd V.

You guys have been great to work with. I appreciate it.

Jeff G.

Great service!!

Larry G.

It was very easy. I couldn’t believe it was that easy. Almost feels like cheating.

Calvin D.

We have been with I-Comp since 2009 and would never switch! I use to do payroll myself and then went to two other payroll companies until I found I-Comp. They bend over backwards to make me happy. I run a small company with over 30 employees and every one of them has deduction issues. I-Comp’s system is so easy to use and they are so easy to talk with. The reports are always filed on time and I even have them do all child support payments. Life is good!

Mary P.

Connie just called me and said you have been amazing for them and she is so happy to have brought you on board. The change was so seamless that Bruce didn't even know it happened.Thought you should know.

Lynn O.

Thank you all your efforts towards ensuring I’m taken care of on this end regarding all our payroll processing needs. I know I can always count on you!

Vickie F.

You guys are awesome! Great work!

Laurie M.

Just a quick note to let you know that I really, really appreciated your help and work today on the payroll packet. While I'm always stressed in a "rush" situation, I am a little less stressed when I'm working with you. I don't take for granted your knowledge and skills and I want you to know that. Thank you so much.


I really appreciate the one-on-one you guys have always provided. Your customer service is excellent and I would absolutely recommend your services to others. You’re the best! Thank You!!


IComp is so easy to use.


Blazes that was fast. You guys are good!


Awesome! You responded so quickly, I didn’t even have time to move this off my desk and move on to the next thing yet!


Let me tell you again how much I love I-Comp!


You are AWESOME!


I wanted to thank IComp for ‘jumping’ when the Board had a request last Thursday. You went above and beyond and, again, this is the reason we love IComp! If we ever want or need to do something at the last minute, I have peace of mind knowing that IComp will get it done correctly and on time. I really appreciate your flexibility and all the work and effort that went into fulfilling this request.


We have been a client since 1995 and have enjoyed the reliable service that ICOMP has provided. The peace of mind with ICOMP handling our payroll and, more importantly, quarterly and year-end taxes has enabled us to focus on growing our business from a staff of 12 in 1995 to over 30 employees currently. A few years back, we made the mistake of switching to a large, nationally known payroll service. We quickly switched back to ICOMP, as the accurate reporting they provide is far superior to any other payroll provider we have tried.


Thank you for being so wonderful to work with. You truly understand the meaning of customer service. Truly.


We’ve been extremely happy with the services IComp provides for our small firm. The work they do frees up our time to do what we do best. The whole team there is friendly and helpful. We’d be lost without them. Thanks IComp.


Our company needed expert advice in all areas of payroll and HR, especially benefits administration, and payroll and tax compliance. IComp was able to provide us with all the information we needed. Prior to having IComp help us with payroll and HR, we were spending hours trying to do it ourselves. Now, our company's payroll runs effectively, efficiently and with total accuracy.


We have been with IComp for over 10 years. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about IComp. We are happy with the wonderful staff, service they provide, convenience, and affordability. It's a relief knowing everything is done in a proper and timely manner. This allows us much more time to take care of business. With things being so tight and the economy so poor, this is a luxury.


We have been using IComp for all our payroll needs now for over 7 years. Having that peace of mind that our payroll submissions are reported and processed accurately in a timely manner is priceless! The staff has proven to be very reliable and knowledgeable. I’d hate to think what we’d have to do without them.


In 2002, I chose to leave a very stressful position in the corporate world and become an Owner Operator. I knew enough about the Payroll Department at my previous employer to know that I needed a competent company and staff to handle that aspect of my business for me. Having I-Comp take care of this for me has just been terrific.


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