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At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services, we have developed our payroll & HR software for healthcare entities to help them manage and coordinate various phases of the employee work cycle, payroll processing, and compliance. If you operate or manage a medical facility, it is time to change from a system of manual processing to handle expenses and staff schedules. Our payroll and HR software helps you go paperless, while efficiently managing schedules and new hires. Whether you need efficient payroll services, time and attendance software, or a human capital management system, our software has you covered.

Healthcare Payroll & HR Solutions

Our software improves the quality of healthcare reporting and the ability to see your medical office metrics. With enhanced usability, manual entries and cumbersome reporting will be a thing of the past. You will have the tools to make payroll and HR much easier for your organization instead of spending hours dealing with payroll errors, scheduling conflicts, and special compensations.

Manage Staff Records Efficiently

Having the ability to check staff availability, and manage the database of your staff is essential. If you only have a few members on your staff, this task may seem simple. However, for a larger staff, you need a powerful payroll and HR software system that helps you efficiently access and maintain records, manage staff, and increase their productivity.

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