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Manufacturing companies can face many challenges when it comes to improving employee productivity, managing employee safety, and automating key operations. The importance of having manufacturing payroll services that streamline the process, helping you focus on customer growth and retention, cannot be overstated. At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services, we are your source for highly efficient payroll and HR software to help streamline various aspects of your employee work and life cycle.

Automated Payroll & HR

Our software platform helps you manage costs and overhead, schedule workers, and automate key processes related to your manufacturing employee workflow. We help you switch from a manual, time-consuming process to an automated one that gives you the ability to manage every stage of the process, from hiring to retirement. Our accounting and payroll services for small business entities and manufacturing firms cover the entire scope of what you need to manage employee payroll and other requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

The reporting analytics built into our software takes the guesswork out of viewing key metrics related to your manufacturing personnel and operations. We make payroll and HR much easier, saving you from dealing with laborious tasks such as fixing payroll errors, correcting timesheets, and drowning in endless paperwork.

Manage Labor Costs

Manufacturers need to save on labor costs as much as possible to protect their bottom line. Our payroll and HR software allows you to track and report labor costs and job expenses, including overtime. You can also manage multiple jobs and multiple pay rates, along with tracking piece rate jobs.

If you are searching for a reliable and easy-to-use payroll and human resources management system for your manufacturing company, look no further than our software solution at iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services.

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