8 Tips for a Successful Employee Onboard Process

8 Tips for a Successful Employee Onboard Process

The process of educating an employee once he or she comes onboard can last for a number of months. This involves providing the new employee with the knowledge, skills, and other information required to start contributing successfully to the organization. At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services in Minneapolis, MN, we provide an employee onboarding software solution that can help you enhance the efficiency of bringing employees onboard and helping them become successful within the organization’s mode of operations.

Here are some tips for successfully onboarding new employees:

1: Start Onboarding Prior to Day One

The time between when a new hire receives the job offer to when that new hire starts his or her position can range anywhere from days to weeks, to sometimes months. This intervening period is a good time to build anticipation for the new employee, make them feel welcome, and provide them with important information they will need to start off successfully.

2: Make the Hiring and Welcoming Process Awesome for the Employee

Making the hiring experience rewarding and welcoming can leave a good long-lasting impression on the new employee. This may include a providing the employee with a welcome email, welcome package, orientation program, work tools and resources, and an introduction to colleagues.

3. Have a Senior Leader Explain Company Culture

Involvement from a senior leader with the onboarding of a new employee can help the new hire learn about the company’s history, culture, values, and behavioral expectations of its employees.

4. Define Success for Your New Hire

It is important to let new employees know what success for them means in their new role. This should be combined with telling them exactly what they need to do and explaining how they can become successful in their role.

5. Use an Automated Employee Onboarding Software Solution

This type of software can reduce the use of paper forms, prevent data entry redundancies, make the entire process more streamlined and efficient, and ensure every task is completed in the important early stages of onboarding.

6. Pair New Hires with an Onboarding Peer

Having an experienced peer in the organization help a new hire learn the ropes can make the new employee feel more comfortable and willing to ask certain questions they otherwise may hesitate to ask a superior.

7. Allow New Hires to Design Their Own Workspace

Allowing new employees to choose their own workstation setup (as much as is feasible) can give them a sense of freedom that promotes their success.

8. Allow New Hires to Provide Feedback

Giving new employees an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience in the company after their first week or first month can inform managers and others of any issues to be dealt with or changes to be made for the benefit of the new employees and others.

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