The Key Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

The Key Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

When it comes to the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process, small businesses must compete with the experience offered by large companies. Using a comprehensive applicant tracking system for small business provides this type of positive experience for the candidate while also reducing the work required of the HR department or team.

While there are many different benefits for a small business in adding an online applicant tracking system, there are three key benefits that assist any small business to save money and time in this process.

Reduced Costs

An effective applicant tracking system for small business saves the small business money. The applicant is able to complete the online application, upload all required documentation, and even schedule appointments, get updates, and find answers about the process without having to contact the HR department.

Increased Applicant Satisfaction

When a small business has a user-friendly application system, it provides the new potential candidate with a positive first impression. It also creates a level of transparency around the process and prevents qualified candidates from slipping through the cracks and moving on to another company.

Greater Reach with Job Posting

The best online applicant tracking system solutions include the ability to instantly post to any number of websites, job boards, and social media platforms. This is an easy way for a company to use the system to their advantage in getting the advertisement in front of the largest number of highly qualified candidates for the position.

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