How to Choose an Applicant Tracking System?

How to Choose an Applicant Tracking System?

Having an applicant tracking system for a small business turns your organization into a highly effective way to recruit and hire candidates for any position. Today, applicants and candidates expect to have contact with potential employers, and automating the system provides this connection without taking up the time of the HR staff.

Automation of Recruiting

Imagine having the ability to automate the recruiting process fully. This includes having templates for jobs, posting to any number of job boards or your website with the click of the mouse, and then having an easy online application that streamlines the process for the applicant.

Confirmations of the receipt of the application and updates to the applicant throughout the process creates a good impression of the company, which engages candidates before they are hired.

What Do You Need?

In addition, the applicant tracking system for a small business should be customizable to your needs. Do you require updates when applicants complete specific steps or submits particular documents? Do you need to be able to identify where in the hiring process the applicant is at any given point in time?

Knowing what you need from the system is critical when making a choice. Ideally, look for an applicant tracking system for small business that integrates with the human resource information system. This provides a seamless transition from applicant tracking to onboarding and employee management solutions. Using these systems, small businesses operate like large companies, which helps attract the most qualified candidates in any field.

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