6 Tips for Writing an Effective Job Posting

6 Tips for Writing an Effective Job Posting

Finding the right talent begins with the right candidate. The quality of your job posting can impact the quality of the applicants that respond to the post. At iComp Payroll & Human Resource Services, we offer highly effective HR software for small businesses to help manage payroll and other employee matters.

Keep the following tips in mind when writing your next job post.

1. Provide Information About the Company

Assume potential candidates have no knowledge about the company. Share information about the industry in which the company operates, the company’s mission and its goals. You can also include information such as branch locations, annual sales, and number of employees.

2. Provide a Compelling Overview of the Position

After the job title, begin your job description with a concise, clear, and engaging explanation of the primary duties and goals of the position. List a few details about the job that will attract the interest of those looking for that exact type of position.

3. Clearly Describe Job Responsibilities

Candidates will benefit from reading a clear description of the responsibilities of the new hire. With knowledge of these responsibilities, the potential candidate can determine if he or she is qualified for the position. Explain the responsibilities of the position in short and concise fashion using present tense and bullet lists to make everything easy to read.

Include the tasks required of the new employee, what methods the employee will use to perform those tasks, how the employee will interact with others in the company, and the required qualifications for the position.

After the candidate is hired, employee onboarding software can help the company bring the new employee up-to-speed with all of his or her job responsibilities.

4. Use Adjectives Effectively

Emphasize the nature and quality of the work expected of the applicant by using the right adjectives in connection with job responsibilities. Examples of adjectives that may apply to various positions include meticulous, proficient, dedicated, motivated, detailed, dependable, and many, many others.

5. Include Compensation and Benefit Information

Provide a salary range instead of a rigid dollar value set in stone. You may want some flexibility on that depending on the candidate’s qualifications and experience. Also, provide information about benefits such as medical, vision, dental, etc., in addition to more general benefits like friendly work environment, etc.

6. Use SEO-Friendly Titles and Keywords

Use keywords that are commonly used in job searches and job profiles. This will allow search engines to provide job posts that match what people are looking for in their search queries. By using the most relevant keywords for the position you are promoting, your job post is more likely to land in front of the eyes of candidates with the required skills and experience.

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