Lisa Cumpston


    Lisa is the kind of person that has always been willing to bend over backwards to make sure people are taken care of. Her work ethic, dedication and beliefs on how to treat people the right way have been the bedrock of IComp for many years. If she isn’t at the office you will most likely find her out walking her dog, spending time with her grandkids, delivering meals to those in need or just simply finding ways to help others.

    Responsibilities: Support, Implementation, Business Development
    Little known fact: Used to work as a Shepherd

      Robert Scalia


      Rob joined IComp in 2004 after graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Entrepreneurship and boy has that come in handy. He is always interested in learning about and trying new things…processes, technologies, etc. Rob serves as the director of payroll, business development and consultant but he can still key a payroll if he has to. He attends continuing education and software conventions to keep us up-to-date with new laws and technology; always looking for ways to better serve our clients. Rob is married and has 3 children. When he isn’t working, he can be found attending their sporting or school events, “up at the lake” with his family or volunteering at church.
      Responsibilities: Payroll Guru, Compliance, Business Development
      Little known fact: Worked nights as a baker to pay his way through school . . . donuts anyone?

        Alexandra Symicek

        Payroll Ninja

        Alex joined the IComp team in August of 2006. Since that time she has gone from payroll novice to Certified Payroll Professional. Alex has a strong attention to detail and helps our team tackle the more complicated tasks around the office. When she is not working, she serves as a taxi for her daughter Claudia and along with her husband, are Claudia’s fan club at color guard or theater events.
        Responsibilities: Support, Compliance, Implementation, Everything else we throw at her
        Little known fact: She is a Packer fan

          Shamica Buck

          Payroll Specialist

          Shamica came to IComp in May of 2013 looking to get back into the workforce after being a full-time mom at home with her 3 girls. At that time she was enrolled in school and looking for work and relayed that she wanted to be a strong role model for her girls. With someone willing to take on that much we knew instantly that we wanted her on our team. In 2015 her and her husband added a boy to the mix when baby Cairo was born. She is still a full time mom of course, but is able to squeeze in some payroll for us too!

          Responsibilities: Support, Payroll Processing, Benefit Submission
          Little known fact:

          Judy Jackson

          Administrative Support

          Judy officially joined IComp in 2016 but for many years has helped out with special projects as needed. Family is the most important thing in Judy’s world so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she is the ultimate team player. No matter what task we throw her way she is eager to learn and help in any way that she can. If you happen to catch her on the phone make sure to ask about her dogs or grandkids, I am sure you won’t be disappointed with some of the stories she can provide.

          Responsibilities: Receptionist, Pack-out/Shipping, Staff Support
          Little known fact: Married her high school sweet heart.